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Dear Madam, dear Sir,

Thank you very much for visiting my website. It is my great wish that the ideas outlined therein would also find your full approval to enable you to support me with the best of your efforts.

Kind regards,
Walter Back – Office for Environmental Technology


This Multi-purpose Track Type 6 (VzT 6) will facilitate 732.2 billion euros of annual revenue!

This animation shows the model of the VzT 6 presented at the International Trade Fair for Traffic Technology (InnoTrans) with its noise-free suspended and electromagnetically driven SupraTrans cabins for the transport of passengers and goods – as well as the highly efficient HTSC power cables mounted onto the walls of the track. The SupraTrans cabins (here: in the front) run along the direction of the motorway traffic. On the backside track (not visible), the SupraTrans cabins run the opposite direction in analogy to the driving directions of the motorway.

As a supplement to model image MO1 of this animation with revenue calculation, also refer to “Data Sheet No. MO1” under column: 1. Model of the VzT 6


List of topics for technological and social progress


1. Data sheet (DS) No. MO1: The model of the Multi-purpose Track Type 6 (Vielzweck-Trasse, VzT 6) presented at InnoTrans in Berlin, 2016.

2. DS No. 4.22 d: A calculation of the profit of the new infrastructure is presented over four pages. I partly calculated only half of the revenues.

3. DS No. 4.00 b2a shows a cross-section of the installation details (VzT 6), here in a glued plywood construction. Alternatively, a new construction type of carbon concrete is also possible.

4. DS No. 4.32 a to e show a customized VzT 6 mounting scaffold with which it is possible to build the VzT 6 over motorways with our stack-type construction and does not need a specific construction road.

5. DS No. 3.03 a shows a suggestion where the VzT 6 should be built in Europe and in Africa so that we can solve our traffic and energy problems and also the refugee crisis. This concept will create many new jobs, also for unskilled or poorly skilled workers.

6. DS No. 4.23 shows how the VzT 6 can be built across agricultural surfaces without destroying them. This is possible by means of a provisional construction road of concrete plates for the assembly of the VzT 6.

7. DS No. 4431: A construction proposal for the VzT 6/SupraTrans train station. Contains additional information on how a vehicle is transferred from the main track to a train station side track without shunting switches, so that the main track remains open without interruption at the station. This is completely new and only possible with the VzT 6.

8. DS No. 3.04 b + 3.00 show the High Temperature Supraconductor (HTSC) in detail. The highly cost-saving and safe duct of these sensitive HTSC cables will only become possible with the VzT 6.

9. DS No. 201 a + 7.00 shows another track variant, the Multi-purpose Track Type 2 (VzT 2). This type is excellently suited for the transport of stone materials from the mountains for building dams and heightening existing dams. In addition, it illustrates that drinking water and construction materials can be transported simultaneously over far distances grace to sloped tracks very economically and without fuel consumption (refer to data sheet No. 7.010 a).

10. DS No. 4432 a + b: The Hyperloop shows another opportunity for improving the noiseless, electricity-operated long-distance traffic in Europe. The superfast Hyperloop could also be integrated into the VzT 6 in a very cost-saving manner and provided with power.

11. DS No. 8.01 b: This info provides information about which institutes I will try to enlist as paid advertising support.

12. DS No. 33 a, 30, 45: The remuneration offer for universities and higher education institutions through their presidents as well as advertising poster No. 1 as first info for professors and students in the lecture halls of the universities and higher education institutions.

13. DS No. 8.01 c: The offer for returns to the Volksbanken und Raiffeisenkassen organization (the German cooperative banks organization).

14. DS No. 8.01 d: The offer for returns to the Sparkassen organization (the German savings banks organization).

15. DS No. 40 + 42: The offer for returns to the German trade unions if they support formation of wealth among employees.

16. DS No. A 003: Offer for the formation of wealth (A) to all employees. The table of revenues A 003 shows the capital gain without the 10,000 € credit from the ECB, however with annual premium distribution to all employees of an annual maximum of 1,500.00 €. Attached also please find a more detailed explanation and the conditions and terms for this wealth forming concept (refer to data sheet No. 8.01 a).

17. DS No. A 006: Offer to employers if the employers enable their employees to form wealth, and thus help to avoid strikes that damage the national economy.

18. DS No. A 008, A 009, A 010 inform about the wealth forming offer (B) to all employees. In this case, the three tables show the capital gain with the 10,000 € credit from the ECB and with annual premium distribution. In addition, it is explained how assets slowly diminish, depending on the age at which instalment payments of the interest and the infrastructure capital in instalments are applied for – after 15 years at the earliest.

19. DS No. 8.01 a: Explanations regarding the new old-age pension concept for all employees.

20. DS No. 20, 20 a, 20 b show three special offers to the general public. This option allows acquisition of interest in my invention. Five years after construction start of the new infrastructure, the buyers receive twice the purchase price.

21. E-mail addresses for the members of the German Federal Parliament (MdB), that you want to win over for the new and highly profitable infrastructure.

22. E-mail addresses for the members of the Parliaments of the various German Lands (MdL), that you want to win over for the new and highly profitable infrastructure.

23. E-mail addresses for the members of the European Parliament (MdEP), that you want to win over for the new and highly profitable infrastructure.

24. Petition to politically responsible members of the Government (MdB, MdL, MdEP) requesting them to support and promote the realization and funding for the new infrastructure.

Signed Walter Back – Office for Environmental Technology


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